Artists & Creators

These special guests are all accomplished movers and shakers in the comic book industry.  By clicking on their image or name, you can visit their profiles to quickly discover more information about them!


Dawn McTeigue

Booth: 16 (Artist Alley)

Sam De La Rosa

Booth: 21 (Artist Alley)


Mike Rooth

Booth: 13 & 14 (Artist Alley)

Nyko Rudolph

Booth: 18 (Artist Alley)


Joe Rubenstein

Booth: 17 (Artist Alley)

Justin Currie

Booth: 24, 25, & 26 (Artist Alley)


Curt Shoultz

Booth: 12 (Lobby)

Lee Elvers

Booth: 12 (Lobby)