Bran-Con Attendee Code of Conduct

We at Bran-Con are dedicated to providing a safe, respectful, inclusive, and fun environment for everyone attending.  You can help us accomplish this, by adhering to the following code of conduct.


Be A Force For Good

This is an easy one.  Please be sure to wear your Bran-Con badge around your neck at all times while attending.

We're all here to  have a good time, so please be kind and respectful to everyone else you encounter at Bran-Con.

If you're going to take a picture or record video of someone else at the con, be sure to get their permission first.  It should go without saying, but if they decline, please respect their decision.  There may also be places where photography isn't allowed.  These places will be marked with signs saying so, but if you have any doubt you can ask a Bran-Con staff member or volunteer.

Cosplay is not consent.  Be respectful and courteous to cosplayers, and if you would like to take a picture with one, ask for their permission the same as you would any other con-goer.  Don't touch them, grope them, or be otherwise lewd towards them.  If they ask to be left alone, please respect their decision.

You should be appropriately dressed for Bran-Con.  We're a family-friendly kind of affair, so there's no nudity or body paint-only kinda stuff allowed.  Shoes must be worn at all times.

If you need to get off your feet for a short bit, please do so in The Reading Room.  This will really help prevent any sort of traffic congestion and keep things flowing smoothly.

Please keep tabs on any belongings you bring to Bran-Con.  Bran-Con and the FNCMC are not responsible for any lost, missing, stolen, or damaged property.  Similarly, Bran-Con and the FNCMC are not responsible for any injuries sustained during the course of Bran-Con.

Please be respectful towards the host facility itself.  Place garbage into the appropriate trash cans and don't congregate or play on any stairs or ramps.  If you engage in any unsafe behavior at Bran-Con, this may also unfortunately lead to an ejection.

Vaping is being treated like smoking.  You can't do it anywhere indoors at Bran-Con.  Believe it or not, this could end in an ejection as well.

So, that said, if you're a slave to your nicotine addiction, be it cigarettes, cigars, a sweet, sweet Gandalf pipe, chew, or whatever, you may only do this at the appropriate and designated location(s) outside.  Please make sure you deposit any butts, etc. in the ash cans, as well.

Lastly, please listen to all the instructions or requests you receive from Bran-Con staff members or volunteers.  Bran-Con representatives reserve the right to ask you to refrain from any activity at any time for any reason.  Failure to comply may result in you being asked to depart the event.


Zero Tolerance

Do not engage in any form of violence, mistreatment, harassment or other offensive behavior directed towards other attendees, guests, staff, volunteers, exhibitors, and vendors.  We have zero tolerance when it comes to this sort of thing.  It will almost certainly lead to your ejection from Bran-Con, maybe even all the future Bran-Cons forever, and no one wants that.

If you engage in any unlawful activities, or are found in possession of anything illegal, the police will be contacted.  Full stop.

If you are a witness to, or are a victim of violence, harassment or a crime, please contact the nearest Bran-Con staff member or volunteer immediately.  Or you may also file an incident report by clicking the button below.

Make An Incident Report


All Rights Reserved

Due to the ever-changing world in which we live in, any announced events and guests are subject to change or cancellation without any notice.  That said, every effort will be made to announce these sorts of unexpected changes as soon as possible.  Last minute changes may still be a thing, however.

By attending Bran-Con, you concede that your appearance and actions both inside and outside of the Bran-Con venue is public in nature, and agree that you have no expectation of privacy with regards to your actions and conduct at the event.  You also grant permission to Bran-Con, the FNCMC, our partners, and licensees (including but not limited to our brand and media partners) to utilize your name, image, likeness, acts, poses, plays, appearance, movements, and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, photographic display, or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at the event for any purpose, in any medium or context now known or hereafter developed, without further authorization or compensation to you, or someone acting on your behalf.

By attending Bran-Con, you agree to have yourself and/or your belongings searched upon entry to Bran-Con and waive any related claims that may arise.  If you elect to not consent to such a search, you may be denied entry to Bran-Con without refund or other compensation.  During the course of Bran-Con you may also be asked to be searched, at which time you may either consent or be asked to leave.

Certain items may not be brought onto the premises, including (and without limitation) firearms, knives, alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances, laser pointers, strobe lights, drones, noisemakers or other types of irritants, certain types of cameras or recording devices, etc.  You may be denied entry to Bran-Con if you possess these sorts of things.

Finally, we reserve the right to eject anyone from Bran-Con at any time for any reason.