Bran-Con Policies - Accessibility

Accessibility is important to us, and Bran-Con is dedicated to making sure that everyone is able to take in the whole of the pop-culture convention experience.

If you have accessibility needs, you may report to the ticketing desk just inside the main entrance of the Auditorium, and from there you can speak with one of our attendants who can take steps to assist you.  You can also provide us with advance notice of your needs by contacting us.

If you have a medical companion, you may request a complimentary pass for them.  Their pass will be dependent upon yours, so if you have a VIP access pass, your companion's complimentary pass will allow them to accompany you to VIP areas and events.  This complimentary pass must be collected at Bran-Con, and is only good for one day.  If you have a weekend pass, your companion will be provided with a new complimentary pass upon your arrival on the second day.  Medical companions are required to stay with and assist the Bran-Con patron at all times.

Although every area of Bran-Con is accessible, getting to the stage floor of the auditorium requires ducking outside to use a ramp.  There is, unfortunately, no indoor accessibility to the stage area.  Bran-Con volunteers and staff will be happy to provide assistance with accessing the stage area.

Guide dogs or other recognized service animals are permitted, but they must be leashed or otherwise appropriately under control.  Similarly, they should be wearing a vest or have other accessories that easily identifies their role.  Attendees will be required to provide certification for their service animals to be allowed on-site, and attendees at the event with service animals assume complete responsibility for their animal for the duration of their visit.