Bran-Con Policies - Anti-Harrassment

See Something, Say Something

We at Bran-Con strongly believe that all attendees, exhibitors, vendors, guests, volunteers, and staff should be afforded dignity and respect.  We take this very, very seriously.  No threats, no act of sexual harassment, and no act of violence, be it physical, mental, verbal, or otherwise will be tolerated.  Any such instances must be reported immediately to a volunteer or staff member.  Bran-Con will swiftly respond to any incident of sexual harassment or violence, or even the suggestion that an incident of violence or sexual harassment has occurred.


Make An Incident Report


Threatening language or any other aggressive actions, and any violence or sexual harassment carried out by, and directed towards, anyone else at Bran-Con will not be tolerated.  Threats include (but are not limited to) things like menacing gestures, attempts at intimidation, attempts to instill fear, the flashing of weapons, stalking or shadowing a person, or virtually anything else that can be perceived as aggressive or hostile.

All incidents will be investigated.  If an investigation finds that and incident did involve violence and/or harassment, Bran-Con will eject the offending individual.  Such an individual may also be banned from future events.  Depending upon the extent and nature of any such incidents, law enforcement may also become involved.


Keep Safe

We must also specifically warn anyone and everyone against attempting to confront or subdue a dangerous or threatening individual, and instead contact a volunteer or staff member immediately.  Although we understand it's in the nature of good people to take a stand themselves in the heat of the moment, becoming involved in an altercation may inadvertently jeopardize your own presence at Bran-Con until the matter is resolved.