As a cosplayer, Evilyn attended her first comic convention in 2013 in her home town of Vancouver, where she quickly learned that everyday CAN be Halloween, and her life hasn’t been the same since. With her modelling career already on fire, Evilyn has taken a passionate approach to creating unique versions of her favourite characters in her cosplay portfolio.  She loves spending time planning her next big photoshoot and organizing every detail of her look to make it complete. Some people call this obsessive compulsive, but Evilyn just likes to think of it as being attentive to detail. When she’s not prepping for the next big shoot, Evilyn also works with the Ghostbusters of B.C.,  helping to raise funds for local charities.  With so many amazing cosplays behind her, Evilyn has been a featured cosplay guest at comic conventions all over North America, Mexico City, and even Central America.  She has an outgoing, fun and adventurous personality, and she loves meeting people on her travels who share her interests and positive outlook.