Press, Media, & Branding

Press & Media

Bran-Con is thrilled to accommodate all members of the press.  Members of the press may register for special Bran-Con access by contacting us at  We will respond as soon as we can. Please bear in mind that the press, in this case, are specifically reporters, writers, reviewers, photographers, etc. who are specifically attending to cover the event.

Registered press members will be provided with a complimentary press pass for the duration of their visit.



Bran-Con should always feature the hyphen in its name and logo.  The hyphen is important, not only for the logo itself but also when linking to the Bran-Con page, either at or

There are four different varieties of the Bran-Con logo.  These are all 300dpi images, all with a transparent background, and occupy approximately a 3.35 x .5 inch space in print.  If you require a larger version, please contact us.

Bran-Con Logo w/ White Text & White Globe
Bran-Con Logo w/ White Text & Black Globe
Bran-Con Logo w/ Black Text & White Globe
Bran-Con Logo w/ Black Text & Black Globe


Please, please do not try to embellish the logo, or distort it in other ways.  These are no-nos:


When referring to the FNC MegaCorp, the organization responsible for bringing Bran-Con to life, all of our press releases and other media appearances have featured us as FNCMC or FNC MegaCorp (the C is always capitalized).