Vendor Application Form

Thank you for choosing Bran-Con Comic Convention 2019 as a possible destination for selling your wares or services!

Our goal at Bran-Con is to offer the guests a unique selection of merchandise & services that are part and parcel of the pop culture and comic genre. Comics & collectibles to hand crafted trinkets & one of a kind art pieces, we will cover it all.

What we will not do is offer vendor space to business’s outside of this scope. As much as we appreciate the interest, we will not accept any applications that are not industry specific to Comic Conventions. We currently are experiencing more demand for space then we have space available.

Due to this, we have a different process and rules than other shows. Please read the following rules and details before applying. Links to the applications will be further down.


Application Process

Rather than accepting vendors and artists on a first come-first serve basis, Bran-Con Comic Convention uses an application process in choosing who we will accept for the show. Our goal is to offer our guests a variety of different merchandise, which in turn creates more opportunity for selling to everyone involved. That being said; submitting an application does not guarantee you a space!



If your application is accepted, we will send your paperwork and an invoice for your payment to the e-mail address listed on your application.

Once you have been accepted and your payment has been processed, your space will be reserved for the event. Payment in full is required in order to reserve your space.


Cancellation Policy

The following is the return/refund policy for our booth spaces:

  • Cancelling prior to September 15th, 2019: 75% of payment returned
  • Cancelling prior to October 1st, 2019: 50% of payment returned
  • Cancelling from October 1st to October 21st: 0% of payment returned


Application Selection

We will begin our first period of applicant selection from August 14th to August 21st. All applicants that submit their forms before that date will be considered and contacted by August 23rd. We hope to fill all of our spaces by that time. If there are any remaining spaces after that date, we will do a second round of applicant selection with an updated timeframe.

Anyone who submits an application, even after the spaces are filled, is added to our 2019 show waiting list in case of cancellations as well as our earlybird contact list for our 2020 show.

Please do not message or email regarding availability or openings. We will contact you directly when and if any openings occur.


What Is Included

Each 8′ x 10′ space is $375 plus tax (limit 2 per business). Pipe and drape, an 8′ table, two chairs and small trash can is provided with each space. Electricity is also included. Wireless Internet is extra (details will be provided in your acceptance paperwork). Each business gets 2 badges with their first 8x 10′ space purchase, and then an additional badge with each additional space purchased (limit 4 total badges per business.)



Adult Materials: While the selling of 18+ (risque comic covers, et al.) items is allowed, we ask dealers to use discretion when displaying these items. We have a good number of attendees who are under the age of 18, who may or may not be with their guardians. Only attendees who are 18 years and older may view and purchase these items. We also ask that anything that is strictly pornographic in nature to not be brought to the show for sale.

Alcohol: The selling of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

Artist Proxies: If the artist is unable to attend Bran-Con and requires a proxy, friend, or employee to be at the show in their place, we ask that the applying artist send us an e-mail clarifying who their representative(s) will be for our records. If a representative is selling works made by multiple artists, they need to provide proof they have the consent of the artists to sell their productions.

Bootlegs: The selling of bootleg merchandise is strictly prohibited. If there is a complaint or comment regarding a piece of merchandise, we will ask you to work with our representatives on evaluating if the item is official or bootleg. If it is a bootleg, we ask your compliance in removing the item from your inventory for the remainder of the event. Failure to comply may result in ejection from the event without refund. If a majority of a dealer’s inventory is found to be bootleg, they will be asked to leave the show without refund.

Fan Art and Use of Licensed Characters: (In the case of artists requesting a dealer’s booth, or dealers selling art they’ve created in addition to retail stock) – Fan art is allowed at Bran-Con Comic Convention as long as the composition is fully created from scratch. All fan made works must be original creations in regards to composition and cannot be recreations of another person’s fan-made works, or a show's promotional images. No items may be sold that contain traced reproductions, screenshots or image captures from shows, comics, anime, etc. Titles of shows, properties, and their trademarks cannot be used to advertise the merchandise (ie, advertising Spider-Man fan art with a sign that contains the name Spider-Man or the logo from the franchise). Official fabric that contain licensed characters and is sold at retail stores such as Michael’s and Wal-mart may be used in the creation of goods to be sold in the vendor’s space.

Food: Only novelty foods like Pocky, Ramune, and other Japanese snacks are allowed. Please do not bring outside food or drinks from other restaurants into the venue during the concession stands’ open hours. Non-Japanese snack and drink sales must be approved by event staff before the event date. Baked goods/Homemade food in any form will not be allowed unless explicit permission has been granted and Food Safety Criteria are all met, prior to the Convention opening.

Noise: Do not use excessive noise or disruptive behavior to attract attendees to your booth.

Table Sharing: Table sharing is allowed at Bran-Con Comic Convention between consenting creators as long as the booth space is paid for in full.

Unlawful Merchandise: Items that are deemed illegal for sale in the Province of Manitoba or in Canada are not allowed.

Weapons: We do not allow live steel items or projectile weapons to be sold in the venue. 


Application Form



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2 Table Spaces.


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