VinylRaven (aka Cheridan Wazny) is a Winnipeg/Brandon based cosplayer. When she creates her costumes, she strives to add authenticity by bringing a sense of realism to the characters. The completion of the costume is not the end of the process for her, when it comes to photographing her work she likes to put the character into their natural environment. Through her costumes, modeling and the location, her artwork is complete with a final image that brings the character to life. 


VinylRaven is self taught and has been in the community for five years, she has won competitions with her costumes and has had her images published and displayed in galleries. She has a Major in Art history, a background that she likes to bring in to her creative process. To her, cosplay is art, empowerment, and creative expression. Her other creative endeavors including modeling where she focuses on breaking the stigma of the female figure.


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